We’re Working with Millennium Hotels

We’re Working with Millennium Hotels

9 Feb, 2018

Peppercorn are delighted to be working with the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair this year, as it undergoes a CapEx investment. We will be supporting the project to help deliver new food propositions within the hotel, as well as designing a number of kitchen and bar areas to showcase the new menus.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts boast a unique range of properties tailored to their location. We will begin work with their Mayfair hotel to improve their food and beverage proposition and hotel kitchen design.

We are supporting this project through the following aspects:

  • Redesign and overhaul the main basement and support kitchens
  • Create a Theatre Kitchen with a chef’s table to fully showcase the new menus
  • Design the new bar areas

We look forward to working with Millennium Hotel on delivering their new food proposition!

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